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Ogunquit is an artsy resort village (located 66 miles/ 108km north of Boston) that has been welcoming gay and lesbian visitors and their families for over 110 years. Ogunquit has three miles of white sandy beaches, dance clubs and restaurants for every taste and budget. In summer and even winter, there is always plenty to see and do!

Jersey Boys at the Ogunquit Playhouse

“Jersey Boys”

(or “The New Jersey Saturday Night Fever”)

A Review by Jason Pendergast


The 87th Season of the Ogunquit Playhouse starts its season off with last fall’s high energy  musical biography of the famed Frankie Valli and the various transformations of his bands.  Starting up in the late 50’s, the play unveils the lives of Frankie Valli (Johnathan Mousset) and his group of musical buddies, which eventually included guitarist Tommy Devito (Matt Magnusson), bassist Nick Massi (Matthew Amira) and fourth member Bob Gaudio (Andy Christopher) as the Four Seasons.  We are lucky to get all those seasoned (if you forgive the pun) vets back to open this year’s show run as these four clearly have the vocals and physical comedy to pull of this story. The gritty back alley tales behind how they met and the trials and triumphs that they experience as they learn the biz adds a lot of humor (and some pathos) to the lives behind these legions, bringing us, the audience into their less than ideal world as they navigate the costs of fame and (not so much) fortune, often with a much higher price than they expected.

All the songs from the 60’s and after are here to relive-  “(December ’63) Oh, What a Night!”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Bye, Bye Baby”, “Sherry”  and “Earth Angel” all give the audience the nostalgic taste of the more innocent age of music past, while blending into the gripping storytelling of the challenges that faced (and eventually) broke up this band.  The characters come off as authentic, even relatable, in part due to their faults and less than always wholesome live choices. (Of special note- Doug Storm as the flamboyant recording artist had me giggling every time he was on stage.)  

Even when the “Not-So-Fab-Four” are at their lowest, though, you still can’t help but cheer when those familiar tunes (I’m looking at you, “Walk like a Man”) rev up and your foot starts a tapping!  We even get the famous “My Boyfriend’s Back” from “girl band”, the Angels and watch how they all road trips together.

A fascinating bit of history, mixed to song (some of which were from 50 years ago!) this show gives the audience the chance to relive, rejoice and even re-love in some of the hipsters of Music’s Golden Age.  (Trivia Note: the handshake deal between Frankie and Bob went on for 45+ years.)

Don’t miss this chance at reliving some pure musical magic!

Jersey Boys is running now through June 15th.  For tickets and show times, call 207-646-5511 or visit their website at

Live Performance Reviews

Lee Squared

Lee Squared: An Evening with Liberace and Ms. Peggy Lee

Maine Street is kicking off the Summer Season with a hilarious “what if” concerning a couple of Hollywood legions-  If Liberace (who turned 100 this month) and Ms. Peggy Lee were to become entertainers on a cruise ship, what would their act be like?  Would it go over with a modern audience or would the generational gap be too wide. (Bear in mind that Liberace died in 1987 and Peggy Lee’s hay day was before that.)  

The act is surprisingly entertaining, in the most part due to the duo’s comic timing and camp factor (the outfits alone were an 11/10 on the outrageous scale).  There are piano duets, twirls in Red, White and Blue that would make Lynda Carter jealous, flashing lights and, of course, a candelabra! Clocking in at a little over an hour, it is a silly but humorous romp that keeps your interest while giving you a bit of gay Hollywood History.  David Maiocco’s portrayl of Liberace is spot on, as is his amazing likeness. Definitely worth it to check out if you can.

Information on Lee Squared can be found at   

Dueling Drag DIvas

Dueling Drag Divas-

Hell Have No Fury like A Diva With a Bucket of Rubber Chickens

A review by Jason Pendergast


Mainestreet continues its provocative and progresstively minded trend of the last several years to bring Ogunquit (and it’s many visitors) high end entertainment. Whether it be Coco Peru’s descriptive stories or the Kinsey Sicks “wholesome Republican” family values show “Naked Drag Queens Singing” or the taste of yesteryear with the likes of Lee Square’s tribute to Liberace and Peggy Lee, visitors and locals alike can experience so much that the gay themed entertainment scene has to offer, right in the center of Ogunquit proper.


One of the fixtures of Mainestreet’s entertainment over the last half dozen or so seasons has been the antics of Joanna, “the Gal with a Gazillion Voices”.  Letting her hair down (as much as she can in a brightly colored wig that rivals Marge Simpson in height), Joanna and her partner in crime, Chi Chi Rones team up again to give the audience a twist on the usual drag act.  One part trip down memory lane of various divas near and dear to many a gay’s heart (Tina Turner, Cher, Bette Midler and Lady Gaga, with special appearances from more vintage icons like Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton and Shirley Bassey)… One part “Gong Show” style talent contest where the two divas face off for the honor of “winning” the title of Top Drag Diva.  Throw in some rubber chickens and questionable use of plastic lips and you have the makings of an hour of laughs and gags.


The entertainment is light and good-natured, the costumes are over the top and ridiculous and the songs are a good variety of both old and new.   Sure, the humor is low brow at times, but the commentary is good natured and fun, without descending into the dark or snide. You can easily laugh with them, as opposed to feeling laughed at.  Besides, who doesn’t want to see young Judy Garland battle her older self for the title of “Most Sloshed Performer”. Sign me, especially during Pride Month!


Dueling Drag Divas is currently running Friday and Saturday evenings at Mainestreet.  For show times on this and other entertainment in at this night club, check out their website at

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Maine Street, Night Club, Cabaret

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Moon Over Maine

Moon Over Maine
22 Berwick Road, Ogunquit, ME 207.646.6666
Moon Over Maine is located in the center of town, less than a block from restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, and a 6-minute walk to the beach! It features all private baths,some balcony rooms, parking, wi-fi, refrigerators, a/c, lite breakfast including fresh scones, and an outdoor hot tub.

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Ogunquit Beach Inn

Ogunquit Beach Inn. Last minute availability. Phone 207.646.1112. Located in the village centre less than a block to restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, and a 5-minute walk to the beach. Ogunquit Beach Inn features King & Queen rooms, dvd/cd, fridge, breakfast, wifi, some rooms with terraces, and a GREAT location! Make a reservation here. or give us a call at 207.646.1112 Ogunquit Beach Inn.

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